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Inflamless supplies nutrients and plant extracts that are important in protecting healthy cartilage and maintaining joint health. It also helps reduce pain and swelling. SOLAL® uses a vegetarian form of glucosamine which contains no shellfish. Inflamless also contains boswellia extract, cat’s claw herb and beta-sitosterol.



Supplies nutrients important in maintaining healthy cartilage and joint health. It contains glucosamine which is naturally produced in humans as a substrate in the production of cartilage. Cat’s claw herb and Boswellia help prevent the formation of excessive inflammatory molecules. Beta-sitosterol also helps reduce the immune suppressing effect of excessive cortisol, produced by the body during times of inflammation. Contains a cat’s claw herb extract free of TOAs (tetracyclic oxindole alkaloids), unlike other cat’s claw extracts. Cat’s claw MUST be free of TOA to be effective.


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