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Calcium and magnesium are essential minerals for healthy bones and muscles. They also help protect the functioning of the nervous system and heart.



Bio-CalMag™ contains the most effective forms of calcium and magnesium known as glycinate amino acid chelates. Glycinates are best absorbed and will also not neutralise stomach acid, unlike most calcium containing products. Neutralising germ-killing stomach acid can result in infections in the intestine and body. Bio-CalMag™ contains the ideal ratio of 1 part magnesium: 2 parts calcium. Calcium glycinate is 1.8 times (180%) better absorbed than calcium citrate and is 21% better absorbed than calcium citrate-malate. It is 205 times more soluble than calcium carbonate. With added vitamin D3 for optimal calcium absorbtion. Boron plays an important role in mineral metabolism, by preventing calcium loss and bone demineralisation.


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