Prosta Script

R379.00 incl.

• Support for healthy prostate function.

• Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH) support.

• Assists in decreasing the urinary frequency associated with Prostate enlargement.

• Improves libido.

• May reduce male pattern balding.

• May reduce acne and skin breakouts associated with hormonal imbalances in testosterone.



Supports prostate health and is indicated for the prevention and treatment of Benign Prostatic Enlargement. May help decrease bladder symptoms such as urgency, frequency, reduced urinary flow and night-time urgency.

The beneficial effects of Saw Palmetto, extend further than just the treatment of enlarged prostate, Saw Palmetto also relaxes the smooth muscle at the bladder outlet thereby preventing the urinary urgency and frequent urination that occurs in enlarged prostate patients.


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